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Twiddling my thumbs……

…..in more ways than one!

It was one of those weekends when I was all up to date with preparation for workshops. I caught up on housework and all those little mending jobs that I had intended doing for quite some time … I then remembered…. I had some lavender drying in the cupboard that had been there since, ooh longer than I care to remember! It was well stored, so as not to lose any of its vital aroma. So I got to work ….. twiddling my thumbs! By that I mean wriggling each stem of lavender between my  fingers and thumbs until all the little dried buds dropped away and congregated below into my basket.  Gathering it up and quickly sealing it away before any of that wonderful aroma was lost. Mmmm… I just love that smell. It’s so calming. No wonder it’s used to induce sleep.IMG_3624







But that wasn’t the only task I had on my mind to do. I had recently made a bag for my Etsy shop from a lovely green tweed, which as I was making, had felt in two minds about selling. (I often feel like that when working with some of the lovely fabric I have the opportunity to use). I had some fabric over, so thought it the ideal opportunity to make a bag for myself! I had an old leather button which I love and had wanted a project to use it on!  All in all, it worked out a very productive weekend…. twiddling my thumbs!

IMG_3632 IMG_3631 IMG_3634



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Lavender fields of West Sussex!

Well not quite! The lavender in my garden has reached the point when it’s at its best for picking for drying. Just at the point when the flower is ready to open, so you have to time it perfectly.  Each summer,  I pick and dry my lavender in readiness for my handmade lavender bags.

My local village fete is taking place next weekend, & so in anticipation, I collected a basket full last weekend and left it in my garden shed to dry. I had made a batch of ‘lavender stacks’ as I call them (little stacks of 3 bags tied together with ribbon) ready for filling, so I spent  Sunday  finishing these ready for sale. Such a pleasurable task as the relaxing sent of lavender filled the air!IMG_1463IMG_1462IMG_1614IMG_1613