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Village Apple Day

After two days of thundery weather, the day of the Rudgwick village apple day began murky and the fields opposite the house were shrouded by early morning mist. However, the grey soon lifted revealing the warmth of the early autumn sunshine. The apple crates were brimming with windfalls when I arrived to set up my craft stall for the day. I had even produced a gift for the raffle that I thought would be appropriate!

Soon the apple grinders were whirring away producing the pulp to be taken to the presses. Before too long the apple juice was flowing. Lots of stalls were dotted around the village playing field and amongst the chatter of everyone enjoying the day, the sweet smell of hog roast filled the air. There were plenty of local crafts from willow baskets, spinning wheels whirling producing bobbins of yarn, the Rudgwick cider society, local honey and handmade walking sticks with some unusual (and scary!) handles. Local Sussex Charmer cheese too, which is absolutely delicious! Not forgetting lots of fun activities for the children – which of course, involved apples! Somehow (the last image) I DON’T think you are supposed to hold the apple!!!!


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