Bootiful Bag!

IMG_0167I loved my old Camper boots. I have happy thoughts of a ‘special’ birthday trip to Barcelona where my husband bought them for me 6 years ago. Every time I wore them it brought back happy memories.  Despite their shabby appearance, I continued to wear them, as they were so incredibly comfy, warm and cosy. Sadly these old worn boots have finally succumbed to too much wear and tear, but rather than cast them away, I thought it an opportunity to get creative!













I designed a bag from fabric of a similar colour to the suede of my boots, and used one of the chunky zips from one boot for the fastener and added some of the lime green leather lining as a trim on the strap which went really well with a remnant of striped fabric I used for the outer pocket.

I really love this design so much I am planning on making some for my Etsy shop soon. (Without the recycled parts though!)