About Me

I grew up in a family of artists, so have always been surrounded by creative people in my life. As far back as I can remember, if I wasn’t painting or cutting and creating things from paper or card, I was sewing, knitting or crocheting! Mother was always sewing making such things as identical dresses for my three sisters and me! I developed the skill from her from an early age.IMG_7606  Beautiful mother Laura pictured in her handmade blouse.







I recall many a happy hour crocheting with my grandmother in front of the open fire as she taught me how to make crocheted slippers!


My lovley grandmother Annie.







My love of textiles continued to grow and in the 80s, following my mothers example, I began for a period of time making my own clothes. As time went by spare time for such things was reduced with the arrival of my son! Some years later while my son was growing up, I needed to work from home and developed an interest in curtain making and soft furnishings. I ran my own curtain and blind making business on a small scale, but later worked for an interior designer producing unique designs in window dressings. I have never had any formal training, as all my ability is self-taught from years of making.

So, my passion for fabrics has continued for many years. I am a maker of my own unique creations, particularly bags and accessories, always incorporating natural fabrics such as wools & linen. I have a particular love for working with wools during the winter months, with a passion for Shetland wool and Harris Tweed. During the summer, I turn my hand to making mainly natural linen and cotton products.

Everything I make is to a very high standard and I choose my fabric for each individual item to be different so they are unique.




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